Health Tourism:

Health Tourism is emerging as a new service sector that has come to the forefront recently, combining the advanced opportunities of our country in the health sector with its experience in the tourism sector, and meeting the treatment needs of foreign patients living abroad.

Importance of Service Quality in Health Tourism:

For companies providing health tourism services, the quality of the health service, along with the health service that the patient will receive throughout the process, is another very important factor that results in maximum satisfaction from every moment of the experience that the guests will have, from meeting them at the airport to the hotel they will stay in, to the shopping they will do from the places they will visit.

Satisfaction is achieved by correctly planning every moment of the guest patients during the service they receive and following every step during the process.

Purpose and Function of the Software:

Our Health Tourism Software has emerged from the need to ensure that the triangle consisting of Patient, Treatment Service and logistics service provided by the Health Tourism Company is managed and followed with the right data flow. In this management and follow-up, we offer a special software service designed only for the Health Tourism sector, which allows your guests to follow up every moment of the process in a systematic way.

Appointment Management

Patient Monitoring

Process Management

Transfer Management

Mobile Application

Treatment Process


Software Benefits:

With the health tourism software, companies that provide health tourism services will be able to monitor both patient follow-ups and their teams in the field, as well as easily manage their management processes through a single software.

Our guest, on the other hand, can be transparently informed at what stage of the process he is in via Mail or Mobile Application notifications, and can experience his/her experience with confidence. Of course, if the Mobile Application is preferred here, it would be useful to mention the brand image that you will create in the eyes of your customers with a mobile application specially designed for your company.

In addition, you can increase the service you provide to the next level by controlling the service quality and efficiency of your team.

Thanks to the hierarchy in the system, your personnel can only access the information that is relevant to them and that you allow, and since all their transaction records are recorded in the system, in case of any problems that may arise, the information of where and by whom the problem originated can be easily reached. Therefore, it becomes a guarantee of data security.


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